Thursday, October 23, 2008

Klonipin....sweet oblivion

Take the pill she says…her whisper brushes my ears, and the voice sounds like liquid…warm and sensual. Let go she says…don't fight it; let me take you down under the safety of the soothing, enveloping waves…nothing to fear here; no demons to worry with the restlessness of your soul or play with the troubles in your mind. Trust me she says…I will embrace you tenderly as a child and wipe the silent tears that fall slowly down your cheek…I will keep the seduction of lies at bay and quiet your mind…focus on the rhythmic ebb and flow of the earth's beating heart and listen to my voice. Close your eyes she says…you need rest and it's been so long since you allowed yourself peace…I will help you fall into the blissful oblivion your soul desperately seeks. Sleep woman she says…the world will not slip away; it carries on fine without you; the earth will still spin, the moon and sun rise…hand over control that was never yours to begin with. Already your tired eyes grow heavy…quit struggling and surrender. Take the pill she says…

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